Reverend Seiichi and Sister Hallas Dot, cult leaders. Seiichi's a sketchy character and Dot's a little spotty. Very good at their job, they love to manipulate and mold. There's not a trick in the book they haven't seen, tried, and improved upon.
Alan "Camper" Hubert Greene, has never felt like he could breath properly, nor that he ever fit in, nor that anyone else understands how he can still be so close to someone else. He knows for a fact that no one else weeps sooty tears, or can run a flashlight by holding it, or knows exactly how everyone else is feeling. What he doesn't know is that there's a very good reason for all of it.
Chastity "Chassie" Louise Ruberry, likes fast cars and faster speech. Always quite sure or herself, but still fails and falters same as any 16 year old intergalactic fugitive. Can't stand to sit down for very long.
Carlos "Carl" Merle Camacho Hwuang has always wanted to be a secret agent. An international man, no doubt, but never quite figured out how to master the "of mystery" part. He's got honest in his face.
Jan and Mip, hard-luck but resourceful space pirates. Priorities, as for all space pirates, are twin: #1 Survival, and #2 Profit.
Raglan Asch won't be having any of it, even if he has to pretend to like it and excell past it just to get away from it. Conversely, he always wants what he usually can't have. Like lesbians.
Idin Asch, Viceroy of the Cooperative Democratic Republic of the Galaxy. As you can expect, this takes up a great deal of his time, and he pays considerably less attention to his son than he should for his own safety.
Adolph "Hothead" Holtzmann is what you get when you cross a German werewolf with a vampire and a dragon and then kill all his children. He's really nice once you get to know him he gets to know you.
Ian Goltiani, Alan's beloved and only decent uncle. Majoring in an esoteric scientific field. Some of his best friends are straight.
Agents Anjsu and Ko(+ko), bitter and dull witted, respectively. Mission: Retrieve and detain two (2) specimens of an unclassified species recovered from a pirate vessel. Obstacles: specimens' resourcefulness , beaureaucratic incompetence and Koko's idiocy.
Graeber Tollt. Kid never gets a break. Whether it's a hideous skin condition, bizarre curvature of the spine, having his ethics and opinions continually insulted, getting dragged into a mafia manhunt, or unrequited love, fortune never swings his way. He does have finesse with mechanical devices, especially engines. I guess that's good enough.
Kititah "Kishtah" Aikatakara Lau is adorable and quirky, but also terribly messed up in the head, at least as far as talking, relationships, emotions, and social skills go. Pretty good in the sack. Not that you should overly concern yourself with that. No, you should focus on his glittering eyes, his ready smile, his interminable sass.

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